Jeanette Kerr

Executive Administrator

Jeanette has been an outstanding addition to our Infinity Leasing Team.  Jeanette's outgoing and pleasant disposition has easily allowed her to connect with our clientele and investors. 

With 26 years of experience in establishing customer service relations she has the ability to consult, help and direct individuals on a day to day basis.  Jeanette is detail orientated which is essential as her role also includes file management and reconciliations.  

She is driven and keen on learning the various elements of the leasing industry and overall business models which makes her an asset to this team.  

She is happily married with two kids.  She loves shopping, particularly any bargain purchases will make her move and shake. 

She is dedicated to her fitness routine, loves trying new things and is never shy to express her opinion.

You can contact Jeanette by email at