When you lease something you do not obtain legal ownership of the equipment until you exercise the purchase option at the conclusion of the lease. Leasing is the same concept as renting; financing is paying towards owning something.As Leases are considered renting, the expense including any life insurance premium is 100% tax deductible. Also, at the end of the lease you are able to exercise the payout option to purchase the equipment if desired.

Leases can have Purchase Options between $100.00 to 25% of the purchase price depending on the client and type of the equipment. Some types of equipment hold their value better than other so this must be taken into consideration when determining purchase options.

1. Early buyouts are available in certain circumstances.
2. Clients are often allow to apply bulk payments onto leases to reduce the term of the lease.


1. Liability
2. $2.0m on motorized equipment and $1.0 on non-motorized equipment.
3. Listed as loss payable with fire and theft coverage.


$1000.00 - $500,000.00


We look at all types of equipment that are for commercial use and generate revenue.



To improve working capital, liquidity and strengthen the balance sheet we will acquire your company assets and then leasing back to them back to you. This allows companies to utilize the equity in their equipment to increase their cash accounts so they can purchase new equipment, pay for some repairs, or improve operating capital for upcoming projects or contracts.



As this is a lease the amount owing on your lease is the remaining payments plus any outstanding residual.  (ie if your lease has 22 payments remaining of $1000.00 per month the payout would be $22,000 plus the residual that is specific for your lease.  For More Information please contact Nikki Gallo at nikki@infinityleasing.ca



12 months – 60 months