Barb Pesce-Dods

Administrative & Marketing Support

Barb has been part of the Infinity Leasing Family since 2011.  Barb has over 12 years of knowledge in the heavy machinery & equipment industry which increases her ability and understanding of clients’ needs and industry awareness.   Her time is dedicated to working with the credit department, approving and finalizing deals and her caring attitude has assisted Infinity Leasing greatly with building strong broker and customer relations.  Her laugh is infectious and she always has the greatest of intentions.  

She is married, adores her fur babies (2 dogs and a cat, who is actually a dog), enjoys writing poetry, kicks butt at kickboxing and is always lurking around ready to scare someone.  She also appreciated the finer things in life such as a good glass of Frances Ford Coppolla red wine while listening to her favorite artist, Madonna. She is the office DJ and keeps us all uptodate on the must see movies and NetFlicks series. 

FUN FACT:  Barb has shot a sniper rifle and has incredible aim. True Story.

You can contact Barb by email at